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Go Santa Run Review


Go Santa Run!


Go Santa Run is the best racing game of the holiday season!

Santa Claus is believed to bring gifts to all the good boys and girls while they are sleeping on Christmas Eve (December 24th). Santa will run through the snowy road to collect as much gifts as possible. Gifts that will excite you and your kids this Christmas season. If you are looking for something festive and fun for the family this Christmas then “PLAY Go Santa Run”

Go Santa Run is an amazing racing game with one-touch gameplay or players of all ages, from kids to adults! Challenging levels and beautiful graphics will make sure to keep you entertained for hours and days. It’s the best Christmas game for the family!

Christmas is coming, helpSanta to run through the snowy road and collect all gifts which could be found on the way. Hurry-up and collect as many gifts as possible from the snowy paths of Santa’s village as quickly as possible! Make sure that all good kids receive their presents just in time for the Holiday.

Don’t miss any of the power-ups and bonuses that are spread all around the snowy road! They will help you run faster and longer so you can collect more presents for good kids from all over the world! The more fallen gifts you pick up, the easier your mission becomes.

Help Santa to jump all obstacles collect all gifts, make this Christmas and New Year holidays awesome with Go Santa Run!

The main character is the well-known and beloved Santa Claus. Christmas holidays are just around the corner, and what could be worse than the loss of gifts for kids. Do not let Santa miss any gift, because every gift is wanted by everybody. A lot of various obstacles will appear on the way of Santa, that feeling of tension and excitement will not leave you during the game. Christmas music, snowy weather, and of course Santa create Christmas mood in anticipation of the holidays. Help Santa collect as many gifts and for sure one of them you will get in this New Year!

Santa can also ride on the house roofs. Keep the normal speed to get to the canister with gasoline, it gives more time to ride. Get more scores and be the best of all gamers in leaderboard.


  • HD GRAPHICS – Gorgeous graphics are ready for your display!
  • Easy Game Play
  • Endless hours of fun
  • Simple and fun game mechanics
  • Multiple obstacles
  • Christmas music and sound effects
  • Gain more scores as you collect gifts and jump obstacles
  • Mute and Pause Buttons
  • Ads 🙁


  • Launch the Go Santa Run app from your app gallery
  • Click on the play button
  • Keep the normal speed to get to the canister with gasoline, it gives more time to ride.
  • Collect as much gifts as possible to gain more scores.


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