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Everything you want is on the other side of fear


A meaningful life is one with some dreams and an excitement to enable all those dreams come true. However, we all have some dreams and comparatively much wider and deeper than our fellows. But, does everyone achieve his goals? Observations suggest no, not all are lucky to ensure their dreams come true- therefore unsatisfactions are prevailing over greater part of the world. So, come lets discover some major causes of such undesired results.

1- A race to become apple of everyone eye.

To us the entry of each character in our lives emerge us a new challenge, a challenge to please the colleagues. Without being social life is aimless. Thus, in order to prosper, it is necessary to have gossipers. But, if all those fellows are desired to follow yourself then surely life will prove to be much short than even mentioned in holy books. Moreover, no one wants his life to be barren. And to make it productive the focus must be shifted towards the actions which blessed you in different forms rather than those which snatch from us the most important element of life, time.

2- A Fear to remain extra ordinary in academics.

Education unfortunately has gained material significance and has lost its spiritual vitality. To students education is a mean to acquire distinction and show one’s strength, above the requirement. This race starts from 1st standard and ends when we become void of a entirely essential period in our life, the learning session. This dilemma produced “Rattu Totas” instead of skilled learners. Such paradigm of acquiring education is imparting fear and fostering lust. Hence, by keeping the scenario in view I am provoked to mention that people have become educated but have yet not become humans.

Be taab he zauk aagi ka

Khulta nhi bhed zindagi ka (Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal)

The urge of knowledge gives him rest,

But the secret of life remains undiscovered.

3- A fear to lose.

“The phoenix must burn to emerge.”-Janet Fitch.

The most luxuriant place in the world is human’s mind. God have hidden the secrets of universe at different locations and have placed the maps of those sites inside humans conscience. The explorers of these maps are mans of extraordinary character. They have strong determination to execute their plans, they envisioned their success before they receive its symptoms; and these are the people who cannot be frightened by horrors of horizon and deepness of oceans. They are the man of extra-ordinary believes and distinct moral.

Tare mast sharab-e-taqdeer

Zindane falaq main hai pa ba zanjeer. (Dr.Allama Muhammad Iqbal)

The stars are drunk with the wine of fate,

And lie chained in the sky’s prison.

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