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How can we prosper? Who deserves prosperity?


A wide definition of success- not just confined to a life of individual but casting a long-term and wide-range impact- is acquisition of education. Knowledge and success are two proportional phenomena, one could not exist individually. From surveys by different world forums, we came to know that countries with higher literacy rates tend to be more productive and advanced compare to those entangled by shadows of ignorance. However a question exist regarding the influence of prosperity that either it is a particular or general manifesto.

This question is mentioned because some of the societies envisioned a different perspective regarding the right to acquire education by males and females. Still in this technologically and socially advanced world some among us are having an unfortunate notion to resist the respectable and eminent Part of the population, women, to acquire education.

Many events have remained part of our history justifying the claim. A recent one held in suburbs of Peshawar, on 8 may 2017, when a bomb blast occurred near the girl’s high school. The police chief of the area, Muhammad Tahir, informed “Our two colleagues are injured; whereas the risk of greater causalities has been pacified. Which could have been resulted if the second bomb would not have been defused by the bomb disposal squad?” Moreover the responsibility of the attack is accepted by Afghan Taliban, who has always remained controversial to imparting of education to girls. The menace is if such detrimental militant wings are not abrogated on prior bases then there threat might escalate and in future may prove to be more baneful.

“And for women are rights over men, similar to those of men over women.”(Holy Quran 2:228)

Taliban and similar militant wings have depicted their highly violent perspective at different times in history. By attacking daughter of Pakistan and pride of the world Malala Yousuf Zai; who has remained a rigid supporter of a slogan “right to educate females”. Simultaneously, when they attacked Army Public School Peshawar and martyred almost 150 children. Moreover, similar events have occurred in Afghanistan, the greater proportion was in 2016.

For the peaceful co-existence of the world we all must raise voice against such despondent events. We ought to work collectively to ensure and accentuate that prosperity belongs to all.

I will end with poetry of great poet, DR. Allama Muhammad Iqbal:

Na haq ke liye uthe toh shamsheer bhi fitna

Shamsheer hi kya Nara-e-Takbeer bhi fitna.

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