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The Best Tech Gifts this Holiday


This is the holiday season!! And time to give gifts to your family and your friends. This time is best to give tech gifts to your friends and family who love to use tech devices and they will quickly become obsessed with.  You can buy any of the tech gift from the list that we will provide whether if you want to splurge by giving extravagant tech gifts or if you only want to spend $50. The list is for everyone no matter what the level of know-how of the user to the tech device will be! So with out any further ado lets get started and let us see the best tech gift this holiday list!!


Bose QuietComfort QC35 Wireless Headphones $349

$349 BUY NOW The QuietComfort product series by Bose is the gold standard for noise-canceling headphones, and its latest iteration is finally wireless. The QuietComfort 35 over-ear headphones feature a superb fit, sleek design, long battery life, the best noise cancellation in the business, and a finely tuned sound signature that makes them suitable for any type of content. Yes, they are a bit pricey, but they're also the best of their kind. More: Our Review of the Bose QuietComfort 35 This product is the series by Bose is the best standard for noise-canceling headphones. But the best thing is that its wireless. These headphones are fit with sleek design, long battery and yes best noise cancellation. This product is the first one in our the best tech gift this holiday list.






Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard $50

microsoft-universal-foldable-keyboard This product is on the second no in the best tech gift this holiday list. Because it is perfect for the man or woman with a lengthy commute. This product is compact and is foldable will help to maximize those extra moments otherwise spent idle.  This keyboard is rechargeable and  is compatible with iPhones, Android phones and Windows tablets as well. Also the best part it is wireless!!







Google Home $129

$129 BUY NOW A great gift for every home, the stylish Google Home smart speaker is a hot new rival to the Amazon Echo. It features the tech giant's AI-powered Google Assistant, which responds to voice prompts by tapping into an ultra-advanced neural network. It can play music, answer questions, set timers, and control connected appliances, among many other things. More: Google Home Review This hot new Google Home speaker is the rival to the Amazon Echo. This tech is the AI-powered Google assistance, which is able to responds to voice prompts by tapping into an ultra-advance neural network. The third gadget in the best tech gift this holiday list of ours! So what are you waiting for? Get start shopping gifts!






HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer $130

$130 BUY NOW The brand-new HP Sprocket is a cool portable photo printer, which will enable your favorite social media aficionados to get physical copies of their best mobile photos. Designed to work with Apple iPhone and Android smartphones via a free app, the Bluetooth gadget utilizes zero ink photo paper. Want a print out photo on spot? This is the best tech gift this holiday for photo lovers. This brand new HP Sprocket is a portable photo printer. That will  let you favorite social media expert to get physical copies of their best mobile photos, that pretty amazing tho! . This device is design to work in compatible with iPhones and Android smart phones via free app, hence, the Blue-tooth gadget utilizes zero ink photo paper.





Portable Charger For Apple Watch $19

portable-charger-apple-watchThis fifth gadget form the list of the best tech gift this holiday is her favorite new accessory is hardworking. Make sure she can’t miss any of the notification from all those emails, calls and messages. And although the watch’s battery life clocks in at about 18 hours, chances are it will unexpectedly run out of power at an inopportune time. This cool wireless gadget comes with a  brown protective case that can slip into purses or briefcases very easily.






Skullcandy Ink’d Wireless Ear-buds  from  $47

from $47 BUY NOW Lightweight and comfy, the Skullcandy Ink'd wireless earbuds are a great gift for active personalities, as well as users of the latest iPhone. The headphones' battery can deliver up to eight hours of playback on a single charge. There are many colors to choose from. This good looking, Skullcandy ear-bud is light weight and comfy plus wireless gadget is the best tech for holiday for the personalities that are really busy and for the latest iPhone users as well. The battery can can deliver up to eight hours of playback on a single charge. And yes you can choose from many colors .






Bluetooth Tracking Tag $40

bluetooth-tracking-tagThis good looking gadget is the best tech gift for this holiday for the people who are busy and forgetful friend. We lug around all day every day. Its not new things tends to get lost in the shuffle. Let this useful bluetooth tracking keychain guide them. All you have to do is attach this keychain with any thing from key to your iPad. If the item goes missing, you can use the free companion app (available with iPhones) to play a sound and a vibration to help you find it in 160-foot range.




Misfit Ray $100

misfit-rayThis gadget is for those people who hate to wear multiple devices. Why not wear this Misfit Ray instead of wearing all of them? This Wearable tech not only tracks steps, distance, and calories, but it also monitors sleep patterns. This device reminds you for a walk, also you can wear while swimming and has non-charging batteries that can last for up to  6 months. Also notifies you of any calls and messages by synchronizing with your phone.   Available in six colors, from black to a vibrant yellow.




Wacom Bamboo Notepad $130

from $130 BUY NOW If there are any avid sketch artists or notetakers you care about in your life, consider gifting them the Wacom Bamboo Notepad. The nifty gadget uses regular paper and instantly send notes or drawings to the user's smartphone or tablet. There's even an option to search for sketched words via a mobile device. If there are any keen sketch artists in your friend’s and family list then this Wacom Bamboo Notepad is the best tech gift this holiday for them. This gadget uses regular paper and instantly send notes or drawings to the user’s smartphone or tablet. There is also  an option to search for if you want to search for sketched words via  mobile device .






Coach Knit Tech Gloves $75

coach-knit-tech-gloveThis is the best tech gift this winter holidays. This Coach Knit Tech Gloves are soft gloves made of 100% extra fine merino wool and woven with a conductive material  that is touchscreen-friendly fingertips.  For the ultimate in cold-weather luxury, complete the set by giving your friends and family a matching cashmere beanie, too.


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