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6 Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPress


You want your audience to be engaged more and more. By engaging them with your blog means more loyal relationship, regular visitors, more social shares. And yes more conversions, in a nut shell all stuff you really need. 6 Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPress are the best post plugins to use in your WordPress site.

If have been writing and you do have a lot of content on your blog which is a good thing to do. But your readers have to dig through your archives  in order to find the best content on your site. Then there is a simple fact that they many not have time to do that, and could leave before they find that amazing post which everyone else loved.

By having a good no of visitors it can put you in the search engine’s good books as well. How?? Google’s ranking algorithm analyzes all the on site metrics which involves social shares, the bounce rate, all of page views and time on-site are key considerations, and yes good performance can give your site a timely boost up the SERPs. The more the visibility the more the visitors. Isn’t it awesome?

Of course it is! I give you the surety that there is more to it than keeping it sure to stick your visitors physically to your site. For instance, you have placed a pop up that appears when ever a visitor signals intent to leave can them on site. You have written all the contents to give enjoyment to you visitors. You need them to ‘Guide” towards all the areas of your website that they will enjoy by reading, therefore resulting in encouragement to remain on your site for longer of their own accord.

If you want to engage your visitors more and more and don’t want to lose them? Not to worry we are here to help you out. 6 Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPress is the list that will help you out. Guide your visitors towards the post with built-in social proof that is: THE MOST POPULAR POSTS”. Also these posts are your best shots, in other words your conversion drivers!!

6 Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPress

  1. Jetpack by WordPress.com (Free)

    Jetpack! the first thing to put in a list of 6 Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPress whenever you want to engage more people. Jetpack powered by WordPress.com is being installed on over 1 billion websites! wow!! and by default, those sites all have access to the Top Posts and Pages Widget one of its many features. The most liked post or the posts with more traffic in previous 48 hour as compared to other posts will be displayed. The Jetpack plugin WordPress.org header for 6 Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPress.The Jetpack comes with a feature known as Extra SidebarWidgets that have to be enabled  by going to Jetpack >> Settings in the WordPress admin. Once you have done this, the widget will be shown in the Appearance>> Widgets and from here you can drag to any sidebar that you choose.

  2. WordPress Popular Posts (Free)

    Next on the list is the WordPress Popular Post by WordPress.com  which is on the second no of the most wsed plugins after Jetpack. over 200,000 websites are 4.5-star satisfaction rating by using this plugin for free. Hence the words “Easy to customize” and “Easy to use” are the most used terms for this plugins among other in 6 Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPress.WordPress Popular Posts plugin for 6 Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPressThis plugin helps you out to enable several widgets to be added, each of them with their own settings, that is extremal useful given the range of options available.

    By using this plugin the posts will be displayed on the bases of number of comments that your post got, the number of views of your post and the average views per day on the post. Also using this plugin you can show the posts with specific time ranges(for example last 48 hours or even the last seven days) .

  3. Top 10 (Free)

    On third ranking is the Top 10( Free) by WordPress.com. After  WordPress Popular Post it is being used by over 30,000 of the websites world wide. This plugin is here to count the no. of views of your page, posts and custom post types also let you display a list of the most popular posts. Top 10 Popular Posts plugin for 6 Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPressThis plugin displays the most popular posts for total counts, or over a custom period, but before it counts all the views that your posts have on an hourly basis. This plugin let you to customize the sidebar as well by providing you the options for the no. of posts displayed on a page, the types of posts that have to be included, all the post information to display, and the time period.

  4. Popular Widget (Free)

    The Popular Widget by WordPress.com also here to help you out by displaying the most favorite posts of your site to you audience. It displays all the most popular posts, all the recent comments and tags. after the use of Top 10 plugin this plugin is used over 10,000 active installs and also have earned a 4.6 star rating that makes it outstanding. Popular Widget plugin for 6 Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPressThe plugin have a criteria of display. It filters  the post popular posts of your site on the basis of most commented or most viewed post. Also all the posts are filtered by date range, the author of the post or category. In addition the sidebar widget includes the options for you weather to display  the posts with thumbnails, excerpts and counts or not! I have started to love all of them! 

  5. Stylish Popular Post (Free)

    Wondering how this plugin helps you? The clue is in the name!! Yes it allows you to add the most stylish and the post popular post sections of any free plugin for your WordPress website.  This plugin’s section tends to display your audience the most stylish and chunky thumbnails that fills the widget area, mentioning the title and the date when it was published over the thumbnail. Also you can show the popularity of the post by enabling it. This will display a small colored circle in the bottom corner of each thumbnail. Obviously you can switch it off in WordPress admin.Stylish Popular Posts

    How many post the plugin displays yet is the only thing that you have control over. If you want your popular posts section to look as much as great rather than having an algorithm that is sophisticated for judging popularity, than this plugin is the worth considering for you.

  6. Super Post ($10)

    Super Post is the final plugin of the list of 6 Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPress. All of the plugins that we have mentioned above are free but why not paying for a premium posts plugin? It is worth paying for this plugin because Super Post does a whole lot more than just your most popular posts and have nearly 1000 sales and also have a 4.3 star ratings. Super Posts plugin for 6 Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPress

Wrapping Things up!

Showcase all your most liked posts using these 6 Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPress. Weather you want for a simple widget or a highly customization one. This list of 6 Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPress can help you out in every aspect.

Ever used any of these plugins? we’d love to here from you about your experience with them. Share your tricks and tips and make sure to subscribe to the comments section below!!


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